About SOLE

Toxey Haas

“No group of people is more giving or grateful for those that serve for our safety than outdoors men and women. The outdoors industry has always stepped up to lead the charge in conservation and will no doubt get involved to help the great people of law enforcement and let them know that we support them and appreciate what they do every day,” said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. “In the coming weeks and months, Haas Outdoors will put the marketing experience of Mossy Oak behind this effort. We hope to make S.O.L.E. as well known in the outdoors arena as possible. I predict the response from these great people and companies will be swift and generous.”

Sportsmen Organized for Law Enforcement (SOLE) is not an organization, but a movement of the general sporting industry and community with a goal of training, protecting and serving law enforcement officers and their families. The movement began with Mossy Oak in the summer of 2016 as they sought a meaningful way to support the overall law enforcement community. Three charitable organizations were selected to equally divide funds raised through the SOLE movement. Those organizations are: Below 100, Spirit of Blue and Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.).

Ted Nugent


In the winter of 2017, Ted Nugent joined S.O.L.E. as the first official celebrity spokesperson.  A long time outdoorsman himself, in addition to a strong supporter of law enforcement, Ted Nugent is an ardent advocate for S.O.L.E.  “Safety, security, quality of life and the American Dream are safeguarded by the hero warriors of American Law Enforcement. All good Americans know this and thank these courageous men and women in blue who serve and protect.”

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