Law enforcement has no greater supporter than the American Sportsman.  As a community of sportsmen, including the industry that serves them through providing goods and services that make their sports more productive and safe, we have a responsibility to give back to the protectors of our community.  Sportsmen Organized for Law Enforcement has three levels of involvement for brands looking to protect the American Law Enforcement Officer and their serve the families of the fallen:

Sustaining Partners are those brands that make a significant and ongoing commitment to support SOLE, allowing it to operate as an organization and to maximize a return to the beneficiary charities it supports.  Sustaining Partners give a minimum of $25,000 per year in support of our work servicing critical law enforcement causes.  Brands wishing to partner at this elite level should contact SOLE’s Executive Director at ryan.smith@soleamerica.org


We want to show the law enforcement community that they have broad support across the industry in recognition of their service and the perils they face.  We have designed our Industry Roll Call sponsorship program so the widest range of brands can participate by setting the annual sponsorship fee at just $500.  It is more important to us that a large number of brands participate at a lower rate than to have a small number give more.  This way more brands can participate and the law enforcement community knows it is supported by the whole of the industry, and not just a few. 

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The last touchpoint between industry and sportsmen themselves are the dealers and guides who facilitate the delivery of goods and services.  We want them to have a seat at the table as well, knowing they want to give back just as much as other groups.  Dealers & Guides are eligible to enroll for $250 per year and receive a small welcome packet along with a vinyl window decal to display at their place of business.  This listing also serves as a resource for SOLE members who can direct their business towards those who are aligned with the common value of supporting of law enforcement.

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